Wilson McCord is An American Physical Scientist, Biological Physicist, a Consultant for Science, Technology and Society and A Research Expert on Dynamical Mechanical Structures, System Mechanics and the Patterns that Determine Motion. Mr. McCord was a Visiting Scholar and Research Associate at Cambridge University and completed his Masters thesis with NASA on the Influences of Gravitational and Micro-Gravitational Forces on Bone Tissue Mechanics at the City University of New York. His Work has included Experimental and Theoretical Physical and Physiological Research as well as Reverse Engineering (Bioengineering) Research at Numerous Prestigious Institutions and Government Agencies, such as DARPA.

Wilson McCord’s Research Focus is Dynamic Mechanical Structures, Mechanisms, System Mechanics and Patterns that Determine Motion, from Planetary Influences on Complex Biological Systems to Atomic Structure and Quantum Particles. As an Undergraduate he Worked as a Physical Science Research Assistance on a Trace Gas Patterns (Greenhouse Gas) Project at the Goddard Institute for Space Studies, where Global Warming was Announced. He has Completed Biological Physics Projects on Multiple Levels, Across Numerous Species and in Varying Academic Disciplines on the Mechanics of the Neuromuscularskeletal System. And, He has Explored the Physics and Physiology of Movement from Planetary Physical Science and the Whole Organism Down to the Bio-Mechanical Structure of Sub-Cellular Organelles on the Level of the Micron.

Mr. McCord is Interested and Focused on the Development of Technology based on Basic Science Research, Inspired by Nature and Reverse Engineered for Ocean and Space Science Ventures and Exploration Research. He has made Reverse-Engineering and Basic Science Research Contributions to Projects Involving the Regeneration of Bone Tissue and Discoveries that Directly Contribute to the Human Exploration of Space. His Research Consulting has also allowed the Development of a Nature-Inspired Robot for Rescues During Catastrophic Events.

Wilson McCord's Expertise has Allowed him to Successfuly: Approached Important Questions in Physical Science, Biological Physics, Neurobiology, Physiology, Biomedical Science, Space Medicine, Cell Biology, Zoology, Bioengineering, Anthropology, Epidemiology; Science, Technology and Society Studies and Nature Inspired Engineering-Design.