In 2005 I was hired by a scientist to work at a Research Institute in France (he is not French) where I made an important discovery and this work was published by that scientist without my name on the publication.   He kept my name on his website for years so that he could give me terrible references and tell everyone I did nothing. But, I designed and carried out the experiments, prepared hundreds of sections and (with how-to calculation help from the lab workers) did the immunohisto assays and digital imaging while using advanced microscopy techniques.

This man would put my work down and make my performance seem inadequate.  When I asked my co-workers about the work and told them what he said they told me the work I did was really good, great in fact. He told lies to everyone in his lab and when I left he told me by email he was controlling the jobs I could get. 

Three days after arriving to work with that scientist I called home because I wanted to leave.  I tried to leave after three months of working in the laboratory but this scientist begged me to stay and renewed my contract.  He thinks because of the work he does that he is smarter and better than anyone else.  I was told by his lab workers that he was evil.  He talked badly about everyone in his lab and even told me about a lab worker whose wife had left him and taken his child with her.  He told me the most personal things he knew about the people who worked in his lab and talked badly about me. He has made up lies about me and spread them to everyone.

He tells people I cannot succeed but our ideas of success are very different.  I received a great recommendation from Cambridge University where I did research and New York University Medical Center from someone with whom I worked closely.  I have worked at Stony Brook Biomedical Engineering, did my graduate thesis with NASA and made an important discovery that lead to the design and construction of a biorobot funded by the Department of Defense to save people in the case of natural disasters.   I did these things simply to help people.  I received a masters degree in anthropology and graduated with high honors (3.5).  I did research simply because I like people and wanted to help them.

After writing the head of the Institute and telling him about these problems he removed my name from that website.  But the scientist I worked for in 2005 sent MALWARE and SPYWARE to my computer from the login pages of my social media and websites so that he could get into my browser. He wrote people I was in contact with horrible lies about me so they would not work with me. He used fake profiles on social media and stole pictures of people to write thousands of people so they would not see his face.  He did many illegal things and even used my eBay account to sell fake items and send spyware to my computer.  This scientist has used my personal information to get into my bank account.  When my family lawyer got involved he began writing people in New York so that he could use them to follow me everywhere I go and spy on my every move because he wants too control what I do.  He even hacked my cell phone to have me followed. And, he has paid people to write horrible lies about me in letters and emails to thousands of people.

While working with this person he proved to me he was a racist. He let me know often how much he hates Americans and has created lies targeted to hurt specific cultural groups in New York. He even wrote me an email to hurt me speaking of the World Trade Center disaster and telling me he wanted to visit "that hole downtown before they fill it in." This person thinks that everyone who is not working in his branch of science is stupid and is counting on them to believe him and do what he wants.

If you have heard from him or his friends you know it.   If someone tells you to follow someone or to go and look in someone's home and you do it ... You are stalking that person.

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One of Wilson's contracts from 2005

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