Science Publications

University of Cambridge Department of Zoology Annual Report 1999 - 2000 Jacket Cover, Schistocerca gregaria, (Locust); Philodoptera griseoaptera, (Cricket)

New Scientist

An Excellent Review of Biology for Beginners by New Scientist Magazine, one of the Industry's leading Science Publications

FutureHabitat by Wilson McCord

Puplished Science Images

Wilson McCord's science experimental research, photographs, illustrations, analysis of experiments and documentation of science discovery have been published in numerous science books and journals. See below.

1992, Adaptation of the Rat Femur to a Force of 2G 2013, Biology, A First Step< 2013, Anthropological Perspectives on Science, Technology, Design and Art<

1995, Biology for Beginners 2002, Biologia Para Principiantes 2011, Wilson McCord at Art Center Berlin